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The Seven Daughters of Jacob Frank

Update on the seven daughters of Jacob Frank

Eva Frank

Eva Frank had six half-sisters from her father's first marriage to Chaya (Josefa) Falkon of Podolia. In accord with the Jewish custom of the time she married Frank when she was around 12-13 years of age in 1740. Frank was about 14-15 years old. Chaya died in 1751 and Frank remarried to Chana (Gracia) Tova a relative of his first wife. Frank alluded to his daughters as the seven daughters of the Mystical Well of Midian/Edom in his writings, linking it with the Well of Joseph and the seven daughters of Joseph and Asenath bat Dinah and the seven priestesses who circled the Kaaba. There is also a tradition that Leah and Rachel were two of the seven daughters of Laban who also had three sons. The seven daughters are mystically associated with the seven lower Sefirot and the three sons with the three head Sefirot. The name Leib is associated with Laban and Lebanah. Jacob Leib Frank saw Eva (whose Hebrew name was Rachel) as representing the tenth Sefirot of Malkut/ Shekhinah who he hoped would be the daughter of Edom (Rome)who would receive the grace of the Knowledge (daat) of living in Divine Will. Instead under the influence of the Prague Sabbateans she became associated by many (including some of her sisters) with the evil Lilith. Eva Frank and the Sabbateans removed all direct mention of  his daughters from the edited and distorted version of his writings.

1. Ruth Dinah Frank (Franconia); born 1741 in the Ottoman Empire. She married in 1753 to Benjamin Wolf of Prague (of a Sabbatean family descended from Shabtai Zevi). They moved to Germany where Wolf became a Rabbi. They remained as secret Frankists or Sabbateans in the Jewish community. Her second husband was Alexander Farber (Fabin).

-----(1) Rabbi David Wolf b.1755 married Sarah Lipchowitz. They were the parents of Joseph Wolff who became firstly a Catholic then an Anglican priest and married Lady Georgiana Walpole the daughter of Horatio Walpole the 2nd Earl Orford.

Rev. Joseph Wolff a great grandson of Jacob Frank

-----(2) Asshur (Asher) Hirsh Wolf b.1757. He married Esther Mayer.

-----(3) Malka (Maria/ Miriam) Wolf b.1760 married Stanilaus (Shlomo) Rostowski (Russo/ Ross) a Frankist descendant of the Sabbatean teacher Rabbi Berechiah Russo. They moved to England then Scotland where they embraced the Presbyterian faith. They had sons William Ross (b.1782) and Alexander Ross (b.1783) (who went to America and Canada).

Alexander Ross great-grandson of Jacob Frank

-----(4) Yehuda Farber (Fabin) (aka John Forbes of Boyndlie) (b.1763) married Catherine Scott (Caterina Skotnicki) daughter of Alexander Scotnicki (Scott). They bought Boyndlie in 1794 after the death of George Forbes of Boyndlie (no relation but later a false genealogy was created connecting the two).They had three sons John Jacob Forbes [who married his cousin Maria Rostowski (Russo/Ross)], Alexander Forbes (who married Annabella Reid) and Theodore Forbes who had an Indian Armenian Jewish wife Eliza Kewark in India. Their daughters were Katherine Forbes who married her cousin Alexander Scott, and Jane Forbes who married Dr John Charles Ogilvie. Theodore's daughter Katherine Scott Forbes was reared from the age of 8 by her uncle Alexander and aunt Annabella Forbes at Boyndlie. She was an ancestress of Princess Diana.

 Katherine Scott Forbes great granddaughter of Jacob Frank

2.Rivka Shoshana (baptised Anna Rosa) Jacob; born in 1742 in the Ottoman Empire. She married in 1754 to Nathan Mayer of Frankfurt. They moved to Ireland in 1760/61 where they took the names William and Annie Maher.

-----(1) Esther Mayer b.1755 Frankfurt. She married Asshur Wolf.

-----(2) Chaya Mayer (aka Catherine Maher) (b.1758 Frankfurt). She married Isaac Leon Morpurgo (aka Peter Leon Murphy). Two of her Murphy grandsons were Catholic Archbishops.

-----(3)Rachel Mayer (b.1760 Frankfurt). She married Reb Sender of Sheklov (aka Benjamin Broide, Ephraim Brody, Alexander Margoliot). She was his second wife. He was the Rebbe of the secret Frankists who remained in the Jewish communities.Their daughter Leah Golda Broide of Shekhlov was the second wife of Reb Moshe ben Zalman the son of the Alter Rebbe. Leah's son Gershon Yehuda Leib Broide (aka George Brody a soldier) married Feige Aurebach (Orbach) a granddaughter of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. George and Feige were the biological parents of Julia Hauke (Golda Brody) Princess of Battenberg anctress of Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Julia Hauke (Golda Brody) a 3 x great-granddaughter of Jacob Frank

------(4) Efraim Mayer (Edward Maher) (b.1765 Ireland). His daughter Mary Maher (Miriam) was the first wife of Aharon Zaslavski (aka Arthur Lavin) a grandson of the Alter Rebbe.

-----(5) Elisheva Mayer (Elizabeth Maher) (b.1770 Athlone, Ireland). She married James Brennan (Brainan).

-----(6) Chana Mayer (Hannah Maher) (b. 1775 Athlone Ireland. She married Richard Coffey (Kaufi). Their daughter Mary Coffey married John William Ennis.
Anne Ennis (b.1849 Athlone) a great-great granddaughter of Jacob Frank

-----(7) Moshe Mayer (Michael Maher) (b.1778 Athlone). He married Caroline Bryna Montefiore.

-----(8) Yehuda Mayer (John Maher) (b.1780 Athlone). He married Margaret.

-----(9) Joseph Mayer (b.1785). He moved to England and was part of the Orthodox Jewish community.  Two of his grandsons became Anglican priests.

3. Miriam Chana (baptised Maria Anna) Frank (aka Mary Ann Connor); born 1743 in the Ottoman Empire. She married David Menke Kinnor  in 1756. 

-----(1) Daniel Menke Kinnor (aka Daniel Connor/ O'Connor/ Konarski) (b.1761 Poland) married Chana Loeb/Lob (Anne/ Anna). They moved to Ireland around 1776-80 where they became Daniel and Anne Connor. Their children were David, Mary, Rose and Daniel Connor or O'Connor. They lived in County Cork.

-----(2) Chana Miriam Kinnor (Anne Marie Connor) (b.1762) married Matthew Reilly. They lived in the Frankist village of Crosskeys in Cavan.

-----(3) Joseph Kinnor (Harf/Harfa) (b.1763) married Anna Abraham

-----(4) Malka Kinnor (Maria Connor) (b.1764) married James (Jacob) Williams of Ireland.

-----(5) Roeschen Kinnor (David) (b.1765 d.1802) married Kiewe Salomon Haas.

-----(6) Menke Kinnor (David) (b. 1767) married Dinah Loeb/Lob daughter of Isaac Loeb (Lipchowitz) and sister of Anna and Sarah.

4. Esther Matrona Frank (Franconia) (aka Schoenle Jacob); born in 1745 in the Ottoman Empire. She married in 1757 Isaac Lipchowitz (Zevi/ Wolf) of Prague a cousin of Benjamin Wolf. They moved to Germany with Benjamin and Ruth Wolf.

-----(1) Jacob Leib Lipchowitz (b.1760)

-----(2) Chana Lipchowitz (Anna Lob/Loeb)(b.1761) married Daniel Menke Kinnor.

-----(3) Bluma Lipchowitz (b.1763) married Wolf (Wolfgang) Levy.

-----(4) Sarah Lipchowitz (b.1765) married Rabbi David Wolf. They had two sons Joseph Wolff and Jacob Leib Wolf.

-----(5) Dinah Lipchowitz (Loeb/Lob) (b.1766) married Menke Kinnor

-----(6) Samson Lipchowitz (b.1768)

.5 Leah Golda Frank (aka Frances Coghlan); born 1747 in the Ottoman Empire. She married in Poland 1760 Edmund Roche (Roch Frank) of Ireland. They moved to Ireland after the arrest of Frank. Edmund returned to Poland regularly to visit Jacob at Czestochowa and he returned in 1773 to live in Frank's court. After the death of his wife and father-in-law he remained to serve his sister-in-law Eva Frank.

-----(1) Michael Roche (b.1765) married Miriam (Mary) Cantillon of Kerry, Ireland.

-----(2) Frances Roche (b.1769)

-----(3) Edward Roche (b.1771) married Margaret Honoria Curtain. He was the father of Edmund Burke Roche the 1st Baron Fermoy.

Edmund Burke Roche, 1st Baron Fermoy a great-grandson of Jacob Frank

-----(4) Georgina Roche (b.1773)

6. Sarah Judith Jacob; born 1750 in Podolia. She married in Ireland in 1763/4 to John Cassin (aka Frances John Kissane) of Dublin and Kerry a son of a mercant and crypto-Jewish Rabbi. After her husband's death in 1775 she married Tzvi  Hirsh Kalish (aka Isaac Collins) in England. She married thirdly Daniel Solomon (Sullivan).

-----(1) John Noblett Kissane (b.1768 Ireland) married Maria Rodriguez Galvan.

Michael Kissane (Kassin/ Cassin) (b.1847) a descendant of Jacob Frank

-----(2) Jeremiah Kissane (b.1770 Ireland) married Julia (Judith Leah) Sullivan (Solomon) daughter of Rabbi Jacob Solomon (James Sullivan).

-----(3) Denis (Dionillo) Kissane (b.1772 Ireland).

-----(4) Patrick Kissane (b.1774 Ireland).

-----(5) Timothy (Tim/Tam) Kissane (Cassin/ Kassin) (b.1775 Ireland).

-----(6) Jacob (John/Jack) Kalish (Collish/ Collins) (b.1776 England)

-----(7) Gittel (Gitlah/ Julia/ Gobnait) Kalish (Collins) (b.1778 England) [aka Rachel Gutel Kalischer]married Myer (Jeremiah) Solomon (Sullivan) [aka Solomon Kalischer]. They were the parents of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kalisher, Lobl Kalischer, Hanna Kalisher Cohn, Moses Kalischer and Mordechai Solomon, Patrick Sullivan and Margaret Sullivan Kalish (Collins).

Tzvi Hirsch Kalischer a great-grandson of Jacob Frank

-----(8) Hyman (Hayyim/Haim/Henry) Kalish (Collins) (b.1780 England).