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Whispered Secrets and Jane Austen

We all have secrets. Some secrets are more precious than others. Some secrets are to be shared, others are to be treasured. In this new land so far away from the Hampshire and Surrey of George Kersley’s early years those secrets recede and almost disappear into the primordial past. There are newer secrets which burden one after a lifetime in this hot antipodean sun with the sound of blow flies buzzing in his ears. He looked out over the Lake absorbing the sad news. The Queen is dead! Their Great White Queen - Empress Victoria after 63 years has breathed her last. George’s eighteen year old and still innocent grandson Hillyer Bartram revealed the news to his grandsire with tears in his eyes. The end of a reign and the beginning of a new century and a new nation. It is not the role of the old to burden the young with the secrets of the past. For Hillyer and all those under sixty years of age the death of the Queen is a shock. George remembered when she first became our young Queen the same age as young Hillyer now. George was a young man of twenty then living and working on his father’s farm the Inwood Barn Farm near Wanborough on the edge of the Hog’s Back in Surrey.

George had been born in the year that Jane Austen the authoress had died. This was significant to his family and one of those proud “secrets” that are not a secret. Jane Austen had been his mother Elizabeth Knight’s third cousin and his father George Kersley’s relative too as his parents were related to each other through the Knight family. It was said that George was the last baby that she ever held in her arms. He had been born in the January of 1817 and she departed for the other life in the July. How often his parents spoke of Jane popping in for a brief visit on her walks to the George’s grandparents John and Olive Kersley’s residence at Farringdon Manor House when Jane lived at Chawton House. George’s grandparents were part of the lower gentry class of the area with whispered aristocratic antecedents on the wrong side of the blanket. Another of those family “secrets” often spoken of by George’s mother and sisters.  

George’s grandmother Mrs Olive Kersley nee Yalden had inherited a two thirds share in the Farringdon Manor estate from her mother Mrs Mary Yalden nee Trimmer whose father Richard Trimmer had bought the two thirds share of the estate from his father –in-law John Knight of Farringdon. Richard had married Mary Knight. Mary Knight's sister Anne Knight was the mother of Christopher Yalden who was George’s grandmother’s father. Her parents had been first cousins just like Emma and Mr Knightley in one of Jane Austen’s novels. Both the Knight family on his father’s side and the Knight family of his mother went back to Nicholas Knight whose family were the original Knight family who had owned and lived at Chawton House. "We are the real Knights", his mother would say, "the ones who have it now only took the name in order to inherit the Chawton Manor Estate". Jane Austen’s brother Edward had been the most recent relative to take on the surname Knight in order to inherit the estate and in 1901 George’s distant cousin Montagu Knight (who was really an Austen) owned the Chawton estate.

As George was ruminating on the past Hillyer and he heard a sound and turned and saw what looked like an apparition. A very dignified native man with a long beard on a horse surrounded by the sun. As he drew closer he recognized him as King Dinah of the Noongars. George was disorientated for a moment as he had last seen King Dinah riding his horse almost 50 years before and he didn’t seem to have aged a day. It must have been his father or grandfather that I saw back in the 1850’s he reasoned. He remembered his darling wife Eliza’s surprise when he appeared to us as she had first seen him when she was about five years old around 1838.

“My mother called him Demban Jerong” Eliza had explained.

 “Who is he? he queried her.

She responded: “My mother said he is the native King of this area, the whites call him King George. I later found out that demban meant grandfather in the native language. That was when I first realised there was some secret about my mother with her dark hair and skin. My mother always referred to the natives as her natives. She once confessed to me ‘I did not come in the ship with your father that was another one I was born in this land before the British settled it. I was born in Balardung and my grandmother Oma Dini was the last of the pure white Queens of Balardung who was forced to be the wife of Demban Jerong,  King of the Blacks when they had been defeated in battle. Oma Dini’s mother belonged to the Dutch people who came here long before the British’.” These were native whispers of a hidden past.

George inclined his head towards the regal native upon the horse saying “King Dinah”. The native nodded saying “George”. Hillyer stood as if mesmerized by the presence of this strange apparition. George and the old native King knew of their connection but Hillyer knew nothing about it. King Dinah peered into the face of the young man and said quietly: “the whispers are always with you”. Many years later Hillyer’s daughters would also encounter King Dinah regally riding on his horse and think it was the same King Dinah not realising that it was the grandson of the previous King Dinah of the Noongars. Their oldest brother was to fight many a battle with the townsmen who turned the whispers of native blood into a loud and nasty taunt. The family hid from such whispers preferring the whispers of gentry and aristocratic antecedents in the mother country. I don't think this story is quite Jane Austen.

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Geologic Time Scale From a Creationist Perspective

The evolutionary geologic time scale

Both Creationists and Evolutionists believe in biological speciation. However Creationists believe that speciation occurred from kinds which were formed originally by the Creator.  Creationists also believe that our present species descend from those pairs who survived the great Flood. Young earth creationists believe that speciation can take place rapidly and all our modern day species plus many extinct species descended from the kinds in the Ark or those marine kinds that survived the upheaval of the Flood.

Many Creationists believe that the extinctions of the Permian period in which 90 % of marine and 70% of animal life became extinct was due to the Great Flood of Noah. Many Creationists hold that the Great Flood occurred about 4,350-4,450 years ago not 245 million years ago proposed by the Evolutionists for the Permian. Other people believe the Great Flood occurred at an earlier date around 4700-5000 years ago. I hold that the Flood probably occurred around 2404 BC. I hold that the separation of Pangaea (which like some scientists I believe was circular) and the formation of continents occurred rapidly during the catastrophe of the Tower of Babel at the end of the Triassic and beginning of the Jurassic-Cretaceous-Paleocene-Eocene period (they are four layers of the cataclysmic events of 1960 BC).  The so-called Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary and the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event  which were synonymous was the time of the catastrophes of the time of Abraham and destruction of Sodom around 3,950 years ago and the end of most of the dinosaur kinds. However the so-called Paleocene and Eocene periods may have been synonymous with the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods being deposits caused by the cataclysm of the the time of Abraham and Sodom. This was also a time of rapid speciation by mammals. This also caused the Great Rift from the Middle East to Mozambique and the separation of Madagascar (Mauritia) from Africa.

I also propose that around 3,760 years ago there was a nuclear winter in the days of Joseph that ushered in the Ice Age during the time Evolutionists call the Pleistocene. At the end of the Pleistocene were the events of the Exodus around 3,350 years ago which began the so-called Holocene period rather than 11,000 years ago claimed by the Evolutionists. In the Triassic Period the climate was mostly hot and dry which dried up the earth after the great flood and during the Jurassic-Cretaceous-Paleocene-Eocene period the climate became warm and humid with the growth of tropical jungles. After the cataclysmic events around 1960 BC the weather became a lot cooler (Oligocene) but then warming up in what is called the Miocene and then cooling again in the Pliocene before the events around 1766 BC that led to the Ice Age. The Ice Age lasted about 200 years not the thousands taught by Evolutionists.

Creationists have differing opinions about what part of the geologic deposits are a result of the worldwide Flood and what the boundary is between the Flood and post-flood period.  Many of them see the death of the dinosaurs as occurring with the worldwide Flood and thus see the Triassic and Jurassic periods as part of the Flood of Noah deposits. I however think that the reptilian dinosaur ancestors were brought on the Ark and they possibly attained their great heights due to human manipulation of the genes by the civilisation of Cainan and Nimrod in the late Triassic period. Most of the Dinosaurs but not all were killed by the events 1960 BC. The destruction that left these geologic layers was due to a Nuclear War which destroyed Uruk (Mt Augustus), Sodom and Gomorrah and formed craters such as the Chicxulub, Chesapeake Bay and the Popigai craters which triggered further natural environmental destructions and led to a cooler period in earth history.
 A rough outline of Pangaea the original supercontinent

Note: While I am not convinced of a Darwinian evolutionary understanding of science I do not believe that those who do hold evolutionary views can't be just as devout Catholics or Christians. Nor do I think God couldn't have used a evolutionary method for creation, I just don't believe he did. I am opposed to fanaticism on both sides of the issue and believe one shouldn't lose their sense of humour.  That being said I know I am a Divine creation and those who disagree with me are definitely descended from ape-like creatures!!!!

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From Atholl to Athol

 John Murray 1st Duke of Atholl


Hannah: We won't be naming our child, Athol. Maybe when he's a teenager.
Colin's Father: My mother's third cousin was the Duke of Athol.
Aunt Minna: We're a long line of Athols.(From the 2008 movie "Made of Honor")

Relationship between John Murray 1st Duke of Atholl and Athol Gilbert Hal Bloomer.

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Y-DNA, Antichrist and the Temple Priesthood: Who are the True Descendants of Aaron and Levi?

Many of the Fathers of the Church speak about a future false Messiah or Anti-Christ who pretends to be a descendant of the Davidic House but is actually from the Tribe of Dan (possibly of N1c L666 y-dna). This Anti-Christ will rebuild the Jewish Temple with a false priesthood. It would seem today that there are vested interests that wish to see the Jewish priesthood (cohenim) as belonging to the Assyrian-Arabic-Samaritan clans found within J1 (descendants of the Samaritan High Priest Ishmael of First Temple times) and J2 ydna (descendants of the Samaritan priest Tzadok who became a Jew in Second Temple Times and founder of the Saducees) that descend from Ishmael not Isaac -  the so-called CMH. They may be supported by Levites from the Samaritan Levites of E1b (actually Japhethites descended from Javan) and the Ashkenazi Levites (actually descended from the sacred clan of the Tengri Turks and Khazars who belong to the Tribe of Eastern Manasseh or Gilead and thus descend from Joseph not Levi).

Today the true R1b descendants of Aaron and Levi are being told they descend from converts. One day in the near future the Great Catholic and Davidic Monarch of the Davidic House of Nathan (R1b L21) will restore the true sons of Aaron and Levi to their positions of honour in Israel.  Who then are the true y-dna clans of Levi and Aaron? They must belong to R1b so any claimant that is not R1b is not a direct male line descendant of Levi even though they may be descended from Levi through a maternal line.

The sons of Moses are also Levites so that all those of R1b V88 y-dna are of true Levite male line ancestry. Also those who are R1b PF7562 Y31335 ydna are most likely Levites as well as R1b Z2103 L277.1. Another clan of Levi is most likely R1b ZZ337 found among the Lost Tribes.  The true male line descendants of Aaron belong to R1b Z2103 L584 and possibly PF7563*. Yeshua or Joshua the son of Jehozadak who was the first Jewish High Priest after the Babylonian Exile was most likely the founder and ancestor of R1b Z2103 L584. His son the High Priest Jehoiachim or Joachim was in the time of Judith and the Babylonian King Nabonidus the Assyrian.

I am not saying that those Jews who are not R1b are not true Jews- they are. However they are not of direct male descent from Judah or Levi. The Jewish J2, J1, E1b clans have been Jews since Second Temple Times in many cases. Nor am I saying that all Jews or others who descend from these clans are evil or bad. However they may be used by the Evil One and his servants for their own purposes and because of certain inherited traits they may be more attracted to the deceptions of the False One. Nor am I saying that those of R1b y-dna will not accept him but there may be certain traits in their physical and spiritual dna that makes them more resistant to his deceptions.

The Holy Scriptures states that there will always be earthly descendants of David who sit on the Throne of David and that there will always be descendants of Aaron (Cohenim) and Levi (Levites) to minister before him while there is a sun and moon. There will also always be a Successor of Peter (Apifyor) who is not a cohen (Jewish priest) but a parnas (Presbyter or Christian priest). A cohen could be a new covenant parnas or a Jewish parnas but only a new covenant parnas or a Jewish parnas descended from Aaron could be called a cohen. However the Christian priest combines the roles of a parnas (as an overseer and father), cantor (as a liturgical celebrant), cohen (as a sacrificer and blesser), shamash (servant to the people), rabbi (teacher of the faith) and Tzadik (one who intercedes and does reparation for others). A Christian priest receives smicha (laying on of hands) and anointing with sacred oil at his ordination or investiture. As the Successors of Moses received smicha to authorise their Mosaic teaching authority so Christian smicha comes from the Messiah laying hands on the Apostles and the Apostles on the Bishops (hegmon parnas).

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Myorigins New DNA Results: The Crazy World of Shifting Ethnicity

In a post I wrote last year:

I had myself and my double first cousin (we share the same four grandparents so all our ancestors are identical) tested on family finder. Our shared autosomal dna is 1599.91 CM. It gave my ethnic mix as 46 % Western and Central Europe, 34 % British Isles, 10% Eastern Europe and 10 % Scandinavian. My double cousin with the exact same ancestry received the results that his ethnic mix was British Isles 83%, Finland and Northern Siberia 6%, Scandinavia 4%, Eastern Europe 4%, and Southern Europe 3 %. Even though in reality I have the exact same percentage of British ancestors as my cousin it would seem he inherited 83 % of his dna from them whereas I only inherited 34%. Even though we both have the same Western and Central European ancestors I received 46 % of my dna from them while he received nothing. I guess this explains our very different personalities.
Well familytreedna have changed the results again. My 46% Western and Central Europe dna has dropped to 19% and my double cousin's rose from 0% to 23 %, my British Isles dna rose drastically from 34% to 75 % and my double cousin went from 83 % British Isles to 55%, my Eastern European 10 % changed to 5 % my double cousin changed from 4 % to less than 1%, my Scandinavian went from 10% to 0% and my double cousin from 4% to 15%, my double cousin retained his 6% Finland but now has no South East European when he had 3% before. I have traces of American Indian as does my double cousin and I have traces of West Middle East now.

The Jewish results are also causing confusion in many people. People who have no knowledge of Jewish ancestry are now being told they have Ashkenazi or Sephardi ancestry and those who know they have Jewish ancestry are told they have none or little. Of course those who come from the R1b Jewish families of Holland, Germany and Syria will find they have no or little Jewish ancestry and their ancestral dna will probably be included under British Isles or Western European. 

This is all just story telling based on the latest interpretation of people who hold certain theories about history rather than dna evidence. However my family are Australians of Anglo-Gaelic and Anglo-Jewish ancestry in identity and culture no matter what our dna would be. I suppose I should be happy that I am now more British than ever but for how long? Until the next dna update. I am rather sad to have lost my Viking dna which seems to have all been stolen by my double cousin George. As someone who has been following these dna studies since 2008 it seems that every new study contradicts the previous ones. George I am not happy!!!!

Note: (added 19 June 2017) I just took advantage of the Myheritage dna offer to analyse my dna and I got this result on ethnicities. Good news is that I got some of my Viking back.

 Apparently they analyse my British Isles content even higher than  Familytree dna at almost 86 % (75% by the latest Familytree dna update) with 59.1% English and 26.8 Irish, Scottish and Welsh. Myheritage dna gives me 0% Western European whereas Familytree dna gave me 19% in their latest update. Myheritage dna has given me back a little of my Scandinavian at 2.2%, it gives more American Indian at 1.1 % whereas familytree dna gives me less than 1%. Apparently Myheritage dna gives me 10.8% Eastern Europe of which 6.7% is Baltic and 4.1% Balkan. With all my English dna it is lucky I joined the Anglican Ordinariate - I am English darlings and don't you forget it!

(Added 20 June 2017) I have just received my double cousin George's Myheritage dna results. Very strange indeed when we have exactly the same ancestors. He seems to have inherited no English dna but I have inherited 59.1%, he has inherited 47.8 % from North and West European (Continental Western Europe) and I have inherited none. My Scandinavian was 2.2 % and his 26.5 %. He has some Eastern European but none of the Baltic or Balkans that I had. He has inherited a bit more American Indian than me. By the way they estimate that George and I are uncle and nephew or half brothers which makes sense as we are double cousins and share the same four grandparents. My y-dna is R1b M222 A260 and his is R1b SRY2627 FGC11245. My mt-dna is I1a1b mt-dna and his is J1b1a1 mt-dna. I also find it interesting that George shares dna with our relative Dick Whittington and I don't even though of course genealogically we are both the same distance to cousin Dick who is on our family tree. We descend from the sister Eliza Whittington of his ancestor James Whittington but Dick also descends through James' daughter-in-law Isabel Strange from the Williams and Strange families as we do. The good thing is that by checking all of George and my dna matches it has confirmed that we have no non-paternal events (ie our mothers getting pregnant to men who are not our known grandfathers) at least back to our great grandparents.


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Migrations of R1a Z93 ydna of Eastern Manasseh

King Osee (Hosea/ the Yellow Emperor) the last King of Israel or Samaria fled with his blonde and red headed warrior horsemen of Manasseh with contingents from the Tribes of Asher and Gad into the East beyond the reach of the Assyrians. The warrior horsemen eventually headed north and established the Kingdom of Xiongnu (the bearded men of Zion). This branch of Eastern Manasseh of R1a M417 became R1a Z93. They established a great Empire led by the Changyu (Warrior Horseman King). From this Siberian/Chinese homeland some clans of Z93 Manasseh (not Z94) moved West across the steppes of Russia and Poland and reached Britain and others went south to Pakistan. They followed a religion they called Tore or Toru (law) which was a mix of the Israelite religion with Shamanism. They were known as the Turks or Toruk as followers of the Toru. The Tengri (Blue Sky God) was seen to be embodied in the Chanyu who protected the Amazon or Zhou Queen (Wang) who was seen as the embodiment of Eje or Kozara the Mother Earth Goddess. In recent years archeologists have found the tombs and mummies of the ruling class of the Xiongnu in North Western China but of course using evolutionary methodologies they date the remains much too early. Dna tests on the remains demonstrate they are R1a ydna. The mummy of the red headed Loulan Beauty may be Queen Kushi (the wife of King Hosea of Israel) herself.

It would also seem that a contingent of the Tribe of Benjamin also went to China with Osee and the Tribe of Manasseh, Asher, Gad and Benjamin would intermarry there in their Chinese/Siberian Exile. This group of Benjamin was of Q1a ydna and Prince Shu Yu of Benjamin was the ancestor of the Jin dynasty and the Xianbei. Benjamin that remained with Judah in Palestine was of Q1b ydna of whom some would establish a Benjaminite Kingdom in Afghanistan after the Exile to Babylon. Thus there was a Siberian Q1a Benjaminite Kingdom to the north east of the Manassehite Xiongnu and some of the Benjaminites crossed to America. From Prince Ame of Asher the brother of Queen Kushi would descend the Xiahou family and the Emperors of Cao Wei and the Takamuko Clan of Japan of  O2 ydna. Thus we see that the lost Tribes of Israel were found in the far East as well as the far West. They lost their identity as Israelites becoming known as the Xiongnu (R1a Manasseh), Wei (O2 Asher), Han (O3 Gad) and the Xianbei and Jin (Q Benjamin), Hephthalites (N1c1 Naphtali) and Xionites (N1c2 Dan). Their Israelite queenly line and Tribe of Zhou or Amzhou was of H mt-dna.

One group of R1a Z94 moved from Western Xiongnu towards Russia while another group moved south to the area of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. From there Z94 split into two groups one heading through Iran to Eastern Turkey (Anatolia) and the other going South to Sundaland (Indonesia) and northern Australia where they established a kingdom or Empire known as Mani or Manzi. To the South of Mani was the Reubenite or Rhadanite Kingdom in central Australia called Chabor on the shores of the Shallow Sea (Yam Rodud) and to the East of Mani was the southern white Gadite Kingdom. Both the Tribes of Gad and Asher were divided into white-skinned Gadites (Australia) and white-skinned Asherites (Japan) and the bronze-skinned Gadites (China) and the bronze-skinned Asherites (south east Asia). The white skinned Gadites over time became darker due to intermarriage with black women.

A group of Z94 known as Z2124 moved either from South western Xiongnu or from the Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan settlement towards Iran and Turkey (most likely the original Ottoman or Orguz Turks whose later Sultans belong to Z93 L657 ydna) and as Ottomans into Eastern Europe and other places. One group of Z2124 moved south into northern India as part of the Mugal Empire of India in the 15th century.  They were joined in India by the L657 branch of Z94 who had settled in northern Australia and Sundaland (Indonesia) though some of this branch may have come to India earlier in the time of the Emperors of the Three Indias in the Middle Ages (Y2351 clan of L657). Rajadhiraja Chola II (Jadaron Bagratuni/ Jatavarman) was the first Prester John and Christian Emperor of the Three Indies in the 12th century. At this time a contingent of the Mani went to the court of the Emperor led by Kaya or Kayi a son of Hanki or Hanok III King of the Rubani and Overlord of Greater Java (of R1a L657 ydna). Prince Kayi went north to the territory of the Orguz Turks where he became a Muslim and married a Princess of the Orguz Turks called Temura the daughter of Prince Kizil Bughe. Kayi and Temura were the great grandparents of Prince Atman or Atouman of the Orguz Turks. Atman became known as Osman or Othman the first Sultan of the Ottoman Turks.

Another group of L657 Manassehites (Y4 of L657) left Australia around 1530 AD with the R1b- U152 Reubenites via Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Iran and Afghanistan and Kazakhstan region. This was led by King Joseph of the Rubani, Mani and Gadi and his brother Prince David Rubani (who firstly went to Europe and escaped from the Inquisition prison in Spain to rejoin his people who were at this time in Arabia near the Persian Gulf before heading north east to Afghanistan and Russia). The Rubani belonged to U152 ydna, the Mani to R1a L657 ydna and the southern Gadi to O M119 ydna. The Royal House was R1a Z2124 ydna since the time of Dodi (David/Dewi) I whose father was a Jewish King or Prince of Telmas in the Indian Ocean. Some of the L657 from India also moved north to join their brothers in Kazakhstan area and some moved further West into China to Xinjiang (Y30 branch of L657). 

Many today of Z93 ydna of Eastern Manasseh are Muslim but after they are converted to the Catholic Faith through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima they will be restored to their fellow Manassehites and Israelite status. Some of course are Jewish such as the Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu from the Ashenkazi Levite Clan from among the Jewish people descended from Z2124 ydna haplogroup of R1a Z93. We await the ingrafting of the Jewish people in the Catholic Church through the intercession of St Joseph and Our Lady of Zion. Many others are Christians including the Western Manassehites of R1a L664 ydna who will be reunited in one flock under one Shepherd (Pope) united with a Davidic Prince (the Great Monarch) as promised in Ezekiel 37.

Note: The interpretation of genetics and history in this post is based on a reconstruction that accepts that all humans today descend from Noah and his family who lived no more than 5,000 years ago who were descended from Adam and Eve who lived no more than 8,000 years ago. Thus all theories based on evolutionary ideas of modern man being 200,000 are considered mere storytelling based on evolutionary myth and fantasy. This distortion of evidence is wreaking havoc on the evidence of written and legendary histories of the nations. Thus the Irish tales of the Milesians coming from Spain and Egypt which occurred around 300 BC are dismissed but the same pattern is said to have happened thousands of years before. The movements of Tribes across the Russia steppes are ignored for the same journey set thousands of years earlier. My chronology is based on Velikovsky and the traditional Jewish chronology which I have adjusted by 40 years so that the destruction of the First Temple was in 460 BC (which is 586 in the modern chronology proposed by Academia and accepted unfortunately by Velikovsky and 422 in the Jewish chronology).

see The Wang She-Wolves of China

 The Lineage of the Royal House of the Tribe of Eastern Manasseh of Israel of R1a Z93 ydna

Hosea (Osee/ Huangdi/ Hauxie/ Sasanoo) Last King of Israel (Samaria) Tribe of Manasseh (b.630 BC)
Houji or Changyi Father of the first Chanyu of Xiongnu (590 BC - )
son of Hosea (Osee/ Huangdi/ Hauxie/ Sasanoo) Last King of Israel (Samaria) Tribe of Manasseh
Touman Chanyu (King) of Xiongnu (559 BC - )
son of Houji or Changyi Father of the first Chanyu of Xiongnu
Modu (Moadun) Chanyu (King) of Xiongnu (540 BC - )
son of Touman Chanyu (King) of Xiongnu
Laoshang Jiyu Chanyu (King) of Xiongnu (523 BC - )
son of Modu (Moadun) Chanyu (King) of Xiongnu
Prince Duyai of Xiongnu (500 BC - )
son of Laoshang Jiyu Chanyu (King) of Xiongnu
Chedihou King (Chanyu) of Xiongnu (479 BC - )
son of Prince Duyai of Xiongnu
Hulugu King (Chanyu) of Xiongnu (460 BC - )
son of Chedihou King (Chanyu) of Xiongnu
Huandi King (Chanyu) of Xiongnu (435 BC - )
Hyuilui-Juankui King (Chanyu) of Xiongnu (412 BC - )
Uyan-Guidi King of Xiongnu (390 BC - )
son of Hyuilui-Juankui King (Chanyu) of Xiongnu
Bey/Bi King of Xiongnu aka Huhanye, Hūhánxié / hu-han-hsieh, Hu, Han-Sie/Hanxie (369 BC - )
son of Uyan-Guidi King of Xiongnu
Chupu-NoTi King of Xiongnu (345 BC - )
son of Bey/Bi King of Xiongnu aka Huhanye, hūhánxié / hu-han-hsieh, Hu, Han-Sie/Hanxie
I-Fa Wu Yu-Ti King of Xiongnu (322 BC - )
son of Chupu-NoTi King of Xiongnu
Shtongsi SuyGhuTi King of Xiongnu Lord the Mani (303 BC - )
son of I-Fa Wu Yu-Ti King of Xiongnu
Kuchi QilinTi King of Xiongnu (275 BC - )
son of Shtongsi SuyGhuTi King of Xiongnu Lord the Mani
Ghushi Shisu Quti King of Xiongnu Lord of the Mani (249 BC - )
son of Kuchi QilinTi King of Xiongnu
Iltu UluTi King of Xiongnu (225 BC - )
son of Ghushi Shisu Quti King of Xiongnu Lord of the Mani
Tuntuhe Siuan (Tang) King of Xiongnu (190 BC - )
son of Iltu UluTi King of Xiongnu
Anguo of Qin and Xiongnu Chanyu (King of Xiongnu) (162 BC - 131 BC)
son of Tuntuhe Siuan (Tang) King of Xiongnu
Zhuangxiang King of Qin Lord Jiren (141 BC - 107 BC)
son of Anguo of Qin and Xiongnu Chanyu (King of Xiongnu)
Qin Shi Huang King of Qin and Emperor of China aka Zhao Zheng (119 BC - 70 BC)
son of Zhuangxiang King of Qin Lord Jiren
Prince Fusu of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu Son of the Qin Emperor of China (100 BC - 70 BC)
son of Qin Shi Huang King of Qin and Emperor of China aka Zhao Zheng
Kia (Kiya) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (75 BC - )
son of Prince Fusu of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu Son of the Qin Emperor of China
Tengriqut King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (42 BC  - )
son of Kia (Kiya) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Tumen TENGRIQUT King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu ( - 35 AD)
son of Tengriqut King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Batur Tengriqut (Mag-Tun Khan) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu ( - 55 AD)
son of Tumen TENGRIQUT King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Kokkhan King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu ( - 73 AD)
son of Batur Tengriqut (Mag-Tun Khan) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
El'chishye (I-Chih-Hsieh) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (60 - 99)
son of Kokkhan King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Qutighu (Chu Ti Hou) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (83 - 133)
son of El'chishye (I-Chih-Hsieh) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Hulugu King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (105 - 166)
son of Qutighu (Chu Ti Hou) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Shuluy Qanghuy (Hsu-Lu-Ch'uan-Ch'u) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (129 - 185)
son of Hulugu King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Khukhenye I (Hu Han Yeh) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (152 - 195)
son of Shuluy Qanghuy (Hsu-Lu-Ch'uan-Ch'u) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Wu Chu Liu Jo Ti (Uchilonoti ) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (175 - 233)
son of Khukhenye I (Hu Han Yeh) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Khukhenye II King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (201 - 264)
son of Wu Chu Liu Jo Ti (Uchilonoti ) King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Prince Liu of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (226 - 282)
son of Khukhenye II King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Shi Chu Hou Ti Khan of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (250 - 310)
son of Prince Liu of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Shi Chu Tsu Khan of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (278 - 333)
son of Shi Chu Hou Ti Khan of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Shih Chu Chiu of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (300 - 352)
son of Shi Chu Tsu Khan of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Qanquy King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu (328 - 375)
son of Shih Chu Chiu of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Liu Tsugu Chief of the Mani Turks (365 - 398)
son of Qanquy King of the Mani Huns of Xiongnu
Tusugu Mongsun of the Mani Turks (390 - 435)
son of Liu Tsugu Chief of the Mani Turks
Ichichini Shihtu of the Mani Turks (425 - 470)
son of Tusugu Mongsun of the Mani Turks
Hsien Khan of the Turks (469 - 495)
son of Ichichini Shihtu of the Mani Turks
Mengen Khagan of the Turks (489 - 555)
son of Hsien Khan of the Turks
Tayehu Khagan of the Turks (525 - 563)
Togrul (Tong) Khagan of the Turks (559 - 628)
son of Tayehu Khagan of the Turks
Irbis Khagan of the Turks (583 - 633)
son of Togrul (Tong) Khagan of the Turks
Torak Han Khagan of the Turks (600 - 656)
son of Irbis Khagan of the Turks
Ay Kutlug Khagan of the Turks (622 - 685)
son of Torak Han Khagan of the Turks
Qimin Tur Khagan of the Turks (648 - 724)
son of Ay Kutlug Khagan of the Turks
Prince Yasak of the Turks (690 - 768)
son of Qimin Tur Khagan of the Turks
Tur Temur Khagan of the Turks (721 - 790)
son of Prince Yasak of the Turks
Kara Khan Prince of Mani of the Khazars (765 - 820)
son of Tur Temur Khagan of the Turks
Sungur Prince of Mani of the Khazars (815 - 868)
son of Kara Khan Prince of Mani of the Khazars
Bulgay Prince of Mani of the Khazars (860 - 906)
son of Sungur Prince of Mani of the Khazars
Turac Ortuk Prince of Oghuz Turks and Khazars (885 - 947)
Bulshi Khan of the Oghuz Turks (909 - 974)
son of Turac Ortuk Prince of Oghuz Turks
Ancestor of Osman (Atman/ Atouman/ Othman) the First Sultan of the Ottoman Turks

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Haplogroup R1b and the Leahite Tribes of Israel and Judah and Group Mutations

This tree demonstrates that in the past there have been environmental influences including catastrophic events on the formation of mutations in which people of the same dna lineage as a group receive a new mutation rather than just one individual as happens at other times. However when groups move away from the geographical region as the others who share their dna, they group mutate differently to the parent or sibling group.

For example in the days of Jacob his six sons by Leah had a group mutation (probably due to increased radiation). This shared mutation was M343 which they passed to all their direct male descendants. However a group of Reubenites left the other Israelites who were in Egypt and settled in Turkey (Anatolia) where they received a group mutation of M335. The rest of the Reubenites who remained with the other Israelites in Egypt did not share this mutation. Those who remained in Egypt were to share the mutations of L278 and L754 which those now settled in Turkey didn't.

However some branches of the ydna tree are due to a single mutation in an individual. For example Moses received a mutation that his older brother Aaron didn't that we call V88. Both Moses' sons by his white Midianite wife Zipporah and his Black Cushite wife inherited V88. However his white son or sons received the mutation of M18 whereas his black sons didn't and they received their own unique marker Y7777. Of course when I say son or sons I mean genetic sons rather than his immediate son or sons. His black sons had been conceived in Ethiopia whereas his white sons were conceived in Midian in Arabia. The other Israelites who were still slaves in Egypt descended from Jacob and Leah received mutation L388 as a sign of their having gone through the events of the Exodus. In a sense all those men who have L388 today as one of their markers know that their direct male ancestor was in Egypt during the Exodus in the 14th century BC. In the same way Joseph's descendants that were in Egypt had the SRY1532.2 marker of R1a ydna and the Benjaminites of M424 of Q and the Tribes of Jacob from Bilhah and Zilpah have M214 of NO ydna (Naphtali and Dan belong to N and Gad and Asher to O). The main line Naphtali clan is N1c M178 (Siberian) and the main clan of Dan is N1c L666 (Russian). The socalled Kama culture in Russia was the culture of the Tribe of Dan probably after 600 BC.

The clan of Zerah of Judah remained in Egypt and then went to the Hebrew-Egyptian colonies where they received the M73/ M478 marker, whereas the Israelites of the Leah tribes who wandered in the Wilderness have the P297 marker and those of the Joseph tribes received the M17/M198 marker of R1a ydna. The marker M269 is the marker of the Leahites who lived in Israel in the time of the Judges including Boaz and his descendants Jesse and David who belonged to R1b M269 and the Joseph tribes marker was M417 of R1a. Akhenaten and Tutankhamen also belong to this M269 ydna which proves Velikovsky's claims about them living after the time of King David and are in fact his descendants. 

At the time of the Assyrian invasion of Israel a large portion of the population was captured and moved by the Assyrians to a place where these Judahites and Levites received the PF7562 marker but not the L23. Whereas those of the Leahites of the Ten Tribes taken into Exile by the Assyrians, the Leahite Jews of the Babylonian Exile, those of the Tribe of Zebulon living in Western Europe and the Davidic House of Nathan living in Australia received the L23 marker due to the celestial and catastrophic events of that time. It would seem that the Judahites taken into Exile by the Assyrians were in an area where they where shielded in some way from the effects that caused L23 in the other Leahites. Or did their new PF7562 marker mean that the effects of the radiation of that time manifested differently in their genetic code than those Leahites that didn't receive that marker?

It would seem that the Jews of Judah received a mutation we call Z2103 before the events that caused L51 and L11/P310 in the other Leahite Israelites of L23 ydna.The Leahite Jews received this marker around 580 BC (around 700 BC in the Accepted Chronology of modern academia) and the other Leahites without Z2103 received L51 around 550 BC and L11 around 530 BC. The Zebulonite clans of Western Europe received their distinct U106 marker around 500 BC as did those clans of Issachar who had moved into the Russian Steppes and their marker was DF100/S1194. These clans of Issachar settled in the Pomerania area of Europe and were known as the Seubi. It would seem that the period around 650-350 was a time of cataclysm that led to many genetic changes in rapid succession to whole groups of people as it had at the time of the Exodus and in the time of Abraham and the Patriarchs of the Hebrews as well as at the time of the fall of the Tower of Babel.

The bulk of the remaining Leahite tribes including the Milesian House of Nathan that had moved to the Near East, Turkey and Egypt received the P312/S116 marker after 500 BC. At this time those of the House of Nathan also received the distinct S245/Z260 marker followed soon after by the L21 marker. This was the last of the group mutations in this lineage and individual mutations would be the general rule of nature from about 400 BC (differing in different groups). The remaining eastern clans of Zebulon, also around this time just after 500 BC, received the L238/S182 marker as they moved into the Russian Steppes. 

The remaining Leahite clans in the Middle East from the Tribes of Issachar, Reuben, Simeon and Levi received their Z40481 marker before they went their separate ways. After this these clans of Issachar received the DF19/S232 marker in the Russian Steppes and they were known as the Sacae, Scythians and Saxons. This was to be the last of their group mutations. The remnant of Levi received the ZZ337 marker. The Tribes of Simeon and Reuben that were still in the Middle East received the ZZ11 around 460 BC.  Simeon fled across the sea to Spain where they received the DF27/S250 marker and the remaining clans of Reuben received the U152/S28 marker while still in the Middle East. One group of Reuben went to the south east and and the others west.

Those studying dna are coming to many false conclusions due to their acceptance of the theories of evolutionary dating methodologies but also from assuming that there is a constant mutation rate throughout history and that the mutations are all individual mutations rather than at certain times there are group mutations and periods where mutations are more rapid than others. It certain regions mutations also happened more rapidly due to residual radiation in those areas such as in India, Arabia and Australia from nuclear explosions and wars in ancient times.